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Once you complete your initial call with the physician and you prescription is sent into the pharmacy, pharmacy shipping time may take up to 14-21 days due to high volume.

At this time, NBBT Semaglutide products do not ship to California.

All other injectables are eligible for shipping throughout the United States.

We do not ship internationally.

In the most recent studies conducted on GLP-1 medications, 80% of participants lost 15% or more of their body weight. That means participants weighing 200 pounds lost 30 or more pounds taking Ozempic / Wegovy / Semaglutide (active ingredient in Ozempic)

The New Body By Tomorrow program is priced at a competitively affordable rate that includes your prescription, your medicine and your health coaching. No hidden fees.

While we cannot guarantee weight loss, the research studies of Ozempic and Wegovy have shown them to be extremely effective.

No. The New Body By Tomorrow program cost is a one-time all-inclusive fee that includes your prescription, your medicine, and your health coaching at a competitively affordable rate. Insurance is not accepted. Payment plans are available.

All About GLP-1 Medications

Most people can safely take GLP-1 Medications such as Ozempic, Wegovy (Semaglutide) for weight loss but a consultation with our medical provider will review full medical history to identify certain individuals who are not appropriate candidates for this class of weight
loss drugs.

Generally, GLP-1 Medications such as Ozempic, Wegovy (Semaglutide) are best suited for people who are overweight with a body mass index of 26 or above. Essentially people who have 10 or more pounds to lose. This class of medication is not an “as needed” or very short-term weight loss solution. Because Ozempic has to be increased slowly to a maximal dose, one should expect a minimum of 8-12 week duration of therapy. GLP-1 Medications (Ozempic, Wegovy) are not “quick drop” “crash diet’ weight loss solutions. They are meant to be paired with small but consistent lifestyle changes over time for longer lasting results.

Ozempic, Wegovy (Semaglutide) for weight loss, but there are some medicines or medical conditions that would make the risks outweigh the benefits of the medication:

  • Allergy to medication or ingredient
  • In combination with other diabetes medicines
  • Digestive problems such as history of gallbladder issues or pancreatitis
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Persons who need to lose only a
    small amount of weight (BMI of 26 and below)
  • History of certain kinds of thyroid cancer or family history of multiple endocrine neoplasia

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