Reset Your Biology. Change Your Life

  • Prescription GLP-1s, GIPs, and appetite suppressants that reduces your appetite and combat cravings
  • Individualized treatment for your specific needs
  • Digital doctor visits and around-the-clock support

How Does It Work?

The NBBT experience is as easy as 1, 2, 3...
Verify your eligibility
Step 1

Verify your eligibility

Answer a few questions in a quick virtual consultation to make sure our treatments are the right fit
Speak with the doctor
Step 2

Speak with the doctor

Schedule a one-on-one call with one of our physicians to complete your prescription & tailor your treatment plan
Receive your medication
Step 3

Receive your medication

Rest easy knowing your meds are on their way directly to your door without ever stepping foot into a doctor's office

The NBBT© Difference

Weight Loss That Lasts

NBBT prescription weight loss meds require a prescription from a licensed professional. Our medical staff uses their expertise to help determine which products are the best fit and will give you the best results.

Our team is available around the clock to answer questions and address concerns you may have along the way.

We don't believe in quick fixes. Health is a lifelong journey and we're are committed to being an ally for as long as you need it.

Reset Your Metabolism

GLP-1 and GIP meds improve the body's metabolic function by increasing insulin sensitivity in the muscle cells and keeping fat cells development at bay.

Stop Your Cravings

GLP-1 and GIP meds change the weight that your body tries to maintain by helping you decrease cravings and making you feel full faster.

Reduce Your Inflammation

GLP-1 and GIP meds have been clinically proven to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.